String Weavings


The Art of Making and Giving Lei

I string a lei of flowers and find myself in yet another moving meditation. This one embraces the tradition of making and giving lei.  

Much Love goes into making and giving of lei. The lei represents a never-ending circle of love much like the arms of a precious child wrapped around its mothers neck.

The Merrie Monarch Hula Festival showcased Lei crocheted from Eyelash and Fizz style yarns imported from around the world and similar in appearance to the feathered lei. Magically these lei were soon seen influencing lei makers all around the Hawaiian islands. These lei are treasured as keepsakes and are of heirloom quality. They are given to honor loved ones and are in celebration of birth, growth, love, friendship and transition. Unlike the fresh flower lei, these lei are for the keeping. They are destined to be gifts passed on from generation to generation.

Na Lei Ho‘ohulu O Hawai‘i is the name we are using for this tradition of lei crocheted from specialty yarns. It bears reference as a lei that is esteemed, precious and prized. We smile at the poetic connections we can make with the roots of the word hulu in bearing reference to feathers, seaweed, mosses, grass, painting brush, pen quill, eyelashes, eyebrows, fleece, wool, fur, hairy, down, fuzz on plant stems, cotton, flannel, cloth, blanket and of course its terms for affection and pride. All words which in some way describe the furry, fizzy, fuzzy, eyelash type of yarn used in making these lei.

These lei have become very popular in Hawai‘i. Ceremonial in nature they honor the wearer. They make wonderful birthday, graduation, holiday, wedding, friendship and special occasion gifts.

I create these lei as an Artist of the Spirit. They are knotted with healing intent and dedicated to spread Aloha and influence harmony in the life of the wearer. 

La‘a kea a Sacred and Healing Light is invoked with each color
White: Enlighten! Awareness! Knowledge!
Red/pink: Clear! Release!
Orange: Focus!
Yellow: Center!
Green: Bless!
Blue: Empower!
Purple: Assist!

Inspired by the Huna Philosophy, Hawaiian Goddesses and Spirits of Nature

Hina is the spirit of water (wai) and the power of Awareness
She is a healer and the goddess of the moon, the sea, sunrise & sunset
We can invoke her to Increase Beauty, Positive Thinking, Awareness and Success
The color of Hina is white
White is used in healing to increase self knowledge and connection with the Higher Spirit
Hina reminds you to Pay Attention. Her message is to Be Aware
White is the color of the First Huna Principle IKE - The World Is What You Think It Is

Haumea is the spirit of stone (pohaku) and the power of Freedom
She is the earth-mother and the goddess of female fertility, childbirth, family and mysterious forms
We can invoke her to Increase Prosperity and Abundance
The color of Haumea is red
Red is used in healing to remove mental and physical tension and limitations. Pink is used to Harmonize.
Haumea reminds you to Forgive. Her message is to Be Free
Red is the color of the Second Huna Principle KALA - There Are No Limits

Pele is the spirit of fire (ahi) and the power of Focus
She is the volcano goddess with power to make changes
We can invoke her to Increase Energy, Motivation and Focus
The color of Pele is orange
Orange is used in healing to help focus attention and energy
Pele reminds you to focus on what you want. Her message is to Be Focused
Orange is the color of the Third Huna Principle Makia - Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

is the spirit of wind (makani) and the power of Presence
She is a healer and guide possessing powers of magic and prophecy
We can invoke her to Increase Activity, Awareness and Persistence
The color of Hi‘iaka is yellow
Yellow is used in healing to help relieve worry, resentment and guilt
Hi‘iaka reminds you to forget the past. Her message is to Be Present & Here
Yellow is the color of the Fourth Huna Principle Manawa - Now Is The Moment Of Power

Laka is the spirit of plants (la‘au) and the power of Love
She is the goddess of the hula and forest plants
We can invoke her to increase Friendship, Peace, Love and Happiness
The color of Laka is green
Green is used in healing to increase self-esteem and appreciation
Laka reminds you to love more. Her message is to Be Loving & Happy
Green is the color of the Fifth Huna Principle Aloha - To Love Is To Be Happy With

Kapo is the spirit of animals (holoholona) and the power of Confidence
She is the goddess of hula and magical powers
We can invoke her to increase Psychic Ability and Dream Skills
The color of Kapo is blue
Blue is used in healing to increase spiritual and physical strength, self-confidence, and inner authority
Kapo reminds you to be strong. Her message is to Be Confident
Blue is the color of the Sixth Huna Principle Mana - All Power Comes From Within

Uli is the spirit of human (kanaka) consciousness and the power of Creativity
She is the goddess of magical powers
We can invoke her to increase Wisdom and Success in any endeavor.
The color of Uli is purple
Purple is used in healing to establish spiritual and physical harmony, attunement with purpose and prosperity, alignment with others for common goals
Uli reminds you to try something new. Her message is to Be Flexible and Healed
Purple is the color of the Seventh Huna Principle Pono - Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth

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