String Sorcery by Chris Giovacchini RamIrez

Chris is a poet, boat captain, carpenter, teacher and handyman, living between Sonoma, California and Kauai. We met him at one or our demonstrations at the Hanalei Farmers Market and Craft Fair. Chris was writing short order poems for the visitors. He presented us with this poem as his view of our work. We hope you enjoy it!

String Sorcery

'For The String People'
LoIs & Earl

The strings connect to the ancestors

Weave mandalas of forgotten form

Genetic remembrance

Reconnecting to the source

Subconscious healing

Forming patterns you begin

The process. Traveling

Across time and space

Sorcery of the strings

Unraveling the mystery of the

Authentic self, you journey through

A rainbow ohana with Turtle,

Moon Goddess and Mountain

The pot of gold in your

Hands is not elusive

You hold the key to aloha

In the tenuous moment


Between your fingers

Shapes and figures

Within your heart

© Chris Giovacchini RamIrez 2002

© 2011-20 Lois & Earl Stokes