The Ancient Art of Hawaiian String Figures Archives


This weblog is about string figures from an esoteric point of view. You may have known the children's game called Cat's Cradle. In Hawai‘i string games were called hei and there were over 115 different recorded patterns. Our research has led us to believe that string figures were much more than just a child's game. Within this blog we will be exploring the Hawaiian healing arts, the philosophy of Huna, string figures, shamanism and more. 

String Figures can be viewed from many different levels looking at: culture, language, myth, legends, art (visual, literary and performance), symbols, metaphors, anthropology, archeology, ethnography, cosmology, astronomy, science, physics, architecture, mathematics, music, philosophy, religion, psychology, healing, mysticism, shamanism, teaching, geomancy and the energy of color, number, sound, shape, patterns and more… We invite you to submit articles which may be considered pieces to the puzzle which answers the question, What if string figures were more than just a child’s game?

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