I Can Draw a Breath

Zentangle is a moving meditation ~ a ceremony. It has become my daily ritual and a practice of appreciation and gratitude. I remember Rick and Maria, founders of Zentangle®, telling us to Breathe ~ Relax ~ and Smile. Taking pen in hand I drew a breath and found myself in a state of relaxed focus. 

Recently my attention was focused on two people who also understood the connection of art and meditation. 

Thich Nhat Hanh ~ There is a Cloud Inside the Calligraphy 

John Franzen ~ Each Line One Breath

I would like to share with you some of my work inspired by the breath. 

Zen Tea

My Ceremony begins with a cup of tea

Breathe ~ Relax ~ Smile

ZMed Tile

I stain my tile with some of my tea

I draw a circle
Each line is a breath
A Whisper of Aloha

ZMed Dala

I fill in some of the spaces and I shade

Med J1

Med J2

I am reminded of the official Zentangle tangles: Static, Nipa, Orlique, Scena and the Diva Dance Series

What tangles are you reminded of?

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