The Secret Magic Behind String Figures

Secret Magic

Now you see it … now you don’t.
Tap three times with the magic wand and it disappears.
Say the magic words and it will reappear.

The words and actions of magicians and tricksters have been with us since the storytelling days of the early shaman. The mythic hero Maui was a trickster known throughout Polynesia who used his powers to help the people by fishing up the islands and slowing down the sun. Today we have Star Wars and Harry Potter. "May the force be with you."

People have always been enraptured by mystery and of the unseen worlds. We have been intrigued with the hidden knowledge, the secret wisdom, the kahuna magic.

The Hawaiian word Huna among other things has a literal meaning of hidden secret; hidden. Esoterically it is not a knowledge that was kept a secret from us but rather one that lies within and must become realized. Here too we find the element of magic that what has been hidden can be seen again. We just need to know the ritual of tapping into the energy that is stimulated by words, images, feelings and movements.

What does this force, this energy mean to us and what can we do with it? There are many schools of knowledge and the world really is what we think it is.

My journey into ancient wisdom has taken the path which explores a child’s game which on the surface is just a child’s play but whose underlying structure holds the secret of tapping into the current of energy which we can use to promote harmony, health and wellness.

If there are no limits and if thought is energy. Then our prayers, our conscious or imagined thoughts directed to spirit, to our higher self are also connected to our subconscious mind. Through this flow of energy as we strengthen the aka cords, the kaula o, the spirit line, our prayers are answered. What makes some prayers answered and others not may be the blockages in our memories that reduce the energy through our aka body and our connection to the flow.

The secret behind string figures is that this child’s game is actually a tool that we can use to remove blockages and increase our connection to the wave of manifestation.

© 2011-20 Lois & Earl Stokes