The Aloha String Figure and Bracelet of Rainbow Blessings


The Aloha String Figure is a moving meditation and a bracelet of rainbow blessings from the Hawaiian Islands. It is a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams and enhancing your powers to bless.

The ancient art of string figures is called Hei in Hawaii. Although most people remember it as a child’s game, it has been found to have a hidden and deeper meaning.

The weaving of patterns with this kaula or string helps to energize or focus your thoughts while staying in the present moment.

It connects you with the Spirit of Aloha

When you experience the Spirit of Aloha you experience an opening of your heart. The smile that comes to you is a joyful sharing in the energy of love and compassion.
You connect with the mana or Divine Power within you. You feel harmony in the rhythms of life. This simple and powerful technique of creating string figures opens your life to the flow of increased blessings.

From the beginning of time, man has searched for the secret to attaining health, wealth and happiness. We have been looking for the ancient wisdom, the solution to the mystery that will give us the answer to our prayers.
Would you believe that the answer is as simple as child’s play?

It comes in the form of blessings

Look at everything in this world that you want as a
symbol of love and bless it.

When you send blessings, you receive blessings.
Aloha is the never-ending circle of love, just like the Hawaiian lei of flowers. Each flower symbolic of the blessings in our lives, encircling our neck like a child's arms

What if every thought is a prayer?

When you find yourself
judging, criticizing and
thinking thoughts of fear,
unhappiness, anger, doubt
or stress...

Imagine a
delete button
and push it to
cancel those thoughts

Blessings can be done with words, images, feelings and movements. The Aloha String Figure uses the movement of knotting a cord to make a rainbow bracelet. Each knot symbolizes a blessing.

The making of knots can also be used with words and affirmations to increase the energy of the dreams you wish to manifest.

Experience saying: “I bless the beauty of this flower;
What blue eyes he has; I love the ocean; I love the tree and the tree loves me; Thank you for another special day; I love the warmth of the sun; Love is good; I like the colors of the rainbow.”

This is called saturation blessing. See how many blessings you can make in a minute.

For each knot make a blessing of aloha or one that is a sign of what you wish to manifest.
Use your imagination and your senses to add images and feelings to your blessings.

You don’t have to use words just sit by the ocean and make dream knots.

When you wish to send off your blessing, you can untie the string and release the knots with a gentle pull. Your blessings and your dreams are now sent off into the universe.

The rainbow bracelet can be made over and over again. The loop of string can also be used to make cat’s cradle or other string figures.

The making of string figure patterns have been found useful in teaching, healing, creating and communicating in cultures all around the world.

It is a symbol of the
thread, the aka cord that
connects us all

How To Make The Bracelet Of Rainbow Blessings

A loop is made by turning the right hand part of the string on top of the left, then a part of the right hand string is pulled up through the back of this loop, and by pulling slightly taut, a slip knot is made; then more of the right hand string is pulled up through this new loop and the hanging strings pulled tight and so on until a series of knots are made and the bracelet is formed.


A knot is then tied with the remaining string to hold the circle together.

How To Make The String Figure Pulelehua,
(Prayer Flower)

1. Start by facing the palms of your hands together with your fingers pointing up. Now loop the string around both the left and right thumbs and extend by stretching your hands out so that the string is tight.

2. With the little finger of your right hand pick up the far right thumb string. Do the same with the little finger of your left hand and extend.

3. Put loops on each thumb and little finger by taking a turn around each little finger with far little finger string and a turn around each thumb with near thumb string.


4. With each index pick up from below the little finger loop of the opposite hand.
5. With each ring finger pick up from below the thumb loop of the opposite hand and extend.
This figure is symbolic of a flower and the transformation of thoughts into answered prayers.

As the flower blossoms in the light, it reveals its center.


Hold the prayer flower as a symbolic gesture. Every time you inhale imagine the bud of this flower slowly opening in your heart.

Symbolic Hand Gestures

Gesture of the Flower Bud

Make the prayer flower string figure and place the finger tips of both hands together in a gesture similar to hands in prayer. This gesture symbolizes our inner nature. It is symbolic of a prayer, a silent meditation to the Higher Spirit.

Gesture of the Open Flower:

Make the prayer flower string figure holding it in the gesture of the flower bud. Open the hands slowly until the bud of the flower is completely open. Keep your thumbs and little fingers touching. This gesture is symbolic of our heart that opens to spirit just as the flower opens to the sun and receives the abundance that the universe has to offer.

How To Do A String Figure Haipule:

A ritual of holding prayers
and creating new dreams

Begin by breathing deeply. Slowly make the string figure pattern holding it in the gesture of the flower bud. Do pikopiko by inhaling with your focus on your crown and exhaling with your focus on the completed string figure.
Let the string figure represent your dream and energize it with happy thoughts.
Hold the string figure in the gesture of the open flower and speak positive words or affirmations about the dream you wish to create.

Speak these words in the present tense as if they are already happening e.g. I am free, loving, optimistic, I have wisdom, It is a peaceful life. I love my new home.

Return to the gesture of the flower bud. Visualize with every sense your dream and feel how it is to be living your dream with all the pleasures it brings.

Dissolve the string figure and hold the string between your two outstretched hands making a gesture that represents your joy and your release of this prayer. Feel the relaxation in knowing that everything will work out perfectly.

Whispers of Aloha

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