String Figures for Creating


Strings figures are a living art. We can and often do, as a series of mistakes, create new patterns. By living in the present moment we can also consciously create the patterns of our intent.

We have been working with the string figure patterns as tools for stimulating the imagination and opening the channel to our subconscious mind. Much like Rorschach Pictures, they facilitate the making of associations helpful in stimulating new thought or creative patterns.

We do not really know what our ancestors did with the string but we do know the effect they have on us today. We can look to the wisdom of the past and create the knowledge useful for our current life. We are creating a new myth, a new story that can help us live in harmony.

We are creating rituals that will impress our subconscious mind. The use of Words, Images, Feelings and Movement facilitates the changes we want to make in our lives. The creation of sacred art can influence the healing within our selves, with others and in the environment.

© 2011-20 Lois & Earl Stokes