Second Life

Second Life

"Extending Aka Cords Through Virtual Realities"

Journey into SL with a Spirit Guide

Using Shamanism, the Huna Philosophy and the healing techniques of Hawaii as your foundation, be a virtual shaman journeying through the different levels of reality found in Second Life.

What you can do...
• Shamanic Journey into Milu: take your first steps in this virtual reality and overcome obstacles that lay in your path. Master the basics of navigating, communicating, and living in SL.

• Shapeshifting: take on new appearances. Shop for new skins, shapes, hair and eyes. There are great places where you can get free clothes.

• Magical Flight: learn to navigate and teleport to magical places. Visit shamanic, healing and spiritual landmarks.

• Energy Work: journey and work with SL energy tools.

• Healing: help yourself or someone you love achieve health and wellness of mind-body-spirit in SL with effects manifesting in RL.

• Journey through the four levels of reality:
Physical: go Shopping and learn tips to organize your out of control inventory.
Telepathic: learn how to communicate and interact effectively in SL.
Symbolic: journey in this dream world collecting SL symbols for use in rituals.
Psychic: journey with the intent of Grokking the elements.

• Explore the three selves and the benefits of a SL experience in achieving harmony and integration (Kanaloa).
Ku: Explore the sensual
Lono: Explore the mental and your gift of imagination
Kane/Aumakua: Explore the spiritual

• See how the seven principles of the Huna Philosophy of Hawaii can be applied in your SL experiences and journeys.

• Use the SL reality for:
Teaching - explore how you can teach in SL
Healing - explore how you can be an effective healer in SL
Creating - explore your artistic talents and how you can bring the invisible into the visible realms of SL

• Manifesting: perform SL ritual with the intent of manifesting your dreams.

• Divination: explore various techniques found in both SL and RL. Learn how to facilitate readings and help you to develop your seers skills with the use various divination tools.

• Meditation and Shamanic Journeys: experience a meditation or Journey in the SL environment.

• Geomancy: explore SL "Earth Energies"

In Second life I am called Heinani and am home based in the Huna Village, Pali Uli (182, 206, 25) developed by Serge Kahili King of Aloha International. I am a member of the Huna Fellowship. I love to channel the energies of Pele while standing in the lava flows of the islands volcano. When I am not working on my inventory I'm found in Melemele relaxing in its warm pools.

In real life I am a member of Aloha International and an Alaka'i of Huna International trained by Serge Kahili King in Shamanism, the Huna philosophy and the healing techniques of Hawaii. I continue to work with him and Kumu's Kawaikapuokalani Hewett and Susan Paniu Floyd on the Islands of Hawaii.

In mid-2007 Aloha International
embarked upon an adventure into Virtual Reality
with the creation of its Huna Village in
Second Life.

for information as to how this was accomplished
and how to be involved in this project of adventure.

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