Patterns Concentrate

When I create art I am centered in the present moment. Mindful of my every movement. My Piko Piko breath launches me into radiant patterns of love and power. Appreciating the harmony of my work, I send the healing forth to create new patterns in those that are influenced by my work.

Patterns Concentrate

Patterns Concentrate


Circles enhance the effects

Spreads and releases tension

Energy moves out to the edge

Wholeness through intention


Rays gather as lines direct

Energy moves inward

To a point increase the flow

As spokes direct it out


Curved and straight the line becomes

Squares and triangles hold power

Spirits travel in straight lines

Unable to turn corners


Symbols hold the magic of the form

Images held and yet unspoken

Thoughts direct the energy

On wavelengths pulse intention

© 2011-20 Lois & Earl Stokes