Dream World Of Mu


Enter dream world, moving pictures
Effect the changes in our lives
Search for meaning in the symbols
Coded messages of Mu

As above so below
Connected were the sky and earth
Myth and poetry, goddess energy
Threads of thought are strung

Drop the string and see the pictures
See time flowing through the space
Sunlight changes to the moonlight
Daylight turns into night

Creativity comes from movement
Sky against the earth
Turning points of flowing currents
Cosmic night becoming day

Energy flows through open channels
Releasing knots along the way
Communication is the pathway
Dreams can influence change

Waves of movement in a pattern
Integrate the hu and na
Constant changing forms of energy
String figure symbols of Mu

Hidden patterns though not secret
Inner knowing outward sight
Rising, swelling, quieting, calming
Merge left and right

Crystals From The Land Of Mu

© 2011-20 Lois & Earl Stokes